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Your Home for APN Photography!



AnimalsPlantsNature group is a home for all APN photographers on DeviantArt. Find great artwork, features, resources, and contests. Meet and engage fellow nature photographers.

Join today and share your art with us!
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What We Do

:bulletblue: APN Photography Features: Each Wednesday, we will post an APN feature showcasing some of the amazing artwork that was recently submitted to the APN gallery. The name of the feature is "APN Adventures".

:bulletblue: Interviews: This interview series will post once or twice per month. We will be asking questions of some of DA's talented nature photographers to get their thoughts and opinions on what is it to be an APN photographer and how the subject became their photography passion.

:bulletblue: Contests: The group will be holding regular contests every month. The themes will vary and the prizes will be fantastic! The contest journal will go live the first Sunday of the month that is runs. Entries will generally be open for three weeks, giving you plenty of time to come up with an idea and execute it for a chance at victory!

:bulletblue: APN News: One of our main goals is to bring DeviantArt's APN news to the forefront along with news we find off DA. We'll create a profile widget with links to helpful tutorials, interesting articles, and handy tips to help you improve and stay engaged with this dynamic category. Have news you would like to contribute? Send us the link via note.

:bulletblue: And More! We're always thinking of new ways to unite the APN community so stay tuned for future ideas from the team. And of course, if you have an idea you'd like to see us implement, send the group a note so we can take a look!

Thursday Tributes: Volume 23

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 22, 2018, 4:15 AM
Your Home for APN Photography

AnimalsPlantsNature's Thursday Tributes to our new members!

Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] by Jerikuto
Hello, and welcome to AnimalsPlantsNature!
We would like to take this time to welcome all of our wonderful new members, with a special feature!

Solitude by DraiezMoonbow under the Aurora by gmrphotosFilename by jazzjassySunset by Valeria-PerezGreeting the Night by KarinicaLindos, Greece St Pauls Bay by MikeHeardChimney circle by mnzlBefore The Storm.1 by Kkakes
Arches NP Landscape 0045 by j0s2m21Steam by PaherowaMount Revard by Sir-CharlieFoxA Place of Surpassing Beauty by DailyBNameless Stop by TheLegendOfGerkMountain by OM70Mountain Pass by morgancphotographyeden by gumitwory
Waterfall by GalaxyPotato16maurice by WhizzbertBlue Sky  Cascading Waterfalls - Albion Falls - 2 by AprilRains07Endless Summer by QuantaaBalaton by DarkKaithMadeira - Seaside by ilmothedudeImg 20151116 085557 1416129060988 by JustKeepYourEyesOpenmore goddamn water by ReReStar1090Stones by fdjpunx791 by pauline35Bay of Kotor by InesMarkovich
Poppies on the Horizon by XanaduPhotography2609201700-9 by AlexisGriffayPink by Serial-PainterFlowers by HavensWarriorSymmetrical by ElzyyStriped beauty by Sia-the-MawileCrocus 4 by RyttooRoses #2 by IkiwamoonartFlowerscape 33 by chasphreyTau 15 by jg-bKrokus #1 by shahils[Avignon] Theme In A Summer Place by yenlylychuOrange allergies. by MillendiatorWildflowers by SlateJeSoftly Now by GradyArtA Far Wedding | Photo And Scraps by DrakeiCoast Prickly Pear by emperornorton47Lotus by kurozukumeSoftly Opening by SimplySammii

VoF-3081 by XeoPhotoNebeltraufe 2018 Ii by daemmerfarbenHeartache by feelconnected

My Guiding Light ~ by MelissaBalkenohlWillow tree by celine52Through The Trees by MalcolmHoughSunset Tree by TrishARTISTRY
[} autumn's vibrancy {] by Mysteryillusion~ Winding Down ~ by aestheticHipster20171008 153806 by Xanthan-GumSxedon nixta by FradennaLife is but a dream by beatriceThrough The Woods by JuandiiDSCF128b7 by Meum-GaudiumThe March of the Frost by Emix13Sunlight And Snow by Raven-Snow-StudioWallpaper for winter by Pixiel1995Nor-easter 03-08-18-2288A by SirIvyPinkSnow by paleclock101Frozen Fairytale 16 by Taoin
Shrooms II by DaisyDinkleMagnetic Yellow Mushrooms by UAkimov09

Scars by SleappIMG 1573n  Bee on a flower by masha500Soulmate by ShiroiKrowThe Black Butterfly by MarchwiuMoth version 2 by Goldenleaf27Bee - My blossom dust, everything mine by RaptorXilefOruga sobre una rama by FernandaPhotoArtOcnogyna loewii by LaYue
.:A Good Catch I:. by RHChengUntitled by Terra-AnneBlue Tit by OliverBPhotographyGrosbec casse-noyaux - Hawfinch (2) by Photos-nature16Kookaburra by MechalightBarn Owl by daviddragehow much wood can a wood duck chuck by FidgetheartGalah by SilviaWinterForest Kingfisher, our new garden resident by vanndraPeacock on a Sunny Day by DovahDivine6212Stormy Riven by HowlingNunnallyFlye Cantering by EquinePhotoandStockLiberty #70 by JullelinPhotographyGrasse matinee by philia20I'm the next supreme by Gienah95My Dog X3 by OnoFyeDon't call me good boy! by davko777
Cat named Jimmy by ColorPastUntitled by HeavenInsideYouA Moment to Relax by Littlecloud-of-BlueJust Sit and relax by kiniamew
I'm not here. There is just a leaf ! I swear ! by YgsenddPhotoRed eyes by thebxsSnappy! by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Snowflake3 by Sirqkercad

These New Members do not have any APN photography in their gallery yet:


New Members:  Please note, we do not try to decline all of your work. We want to feature it properly! To do so we abide by the following rules when accepting your works:  Where to Submit Your APN Photos!

If you enjoyed this, we would love to have you as a member of our group here at AnimalsPlantsNature!

Have APN news, please send a note to AnimalsPlantsNature so we can feature it in our weekly Wednesday, APN feature. 

Have you seen any APN photography deserving of a Daily Deviation? Send it to our wonderful founder JenFruzz via note,  just be sure to follow The APN Photography Daily Deviations Guidelines!

Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Photo by The-Panic
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Welcome to March at AnimalsPlantsNature


With 13 subcategories, Animals, Plants, & Nature is the second largest photography category on DeviantArt. To bring our members full coverage of this massive and beautiful corner of DA, our group will showcase the nature photography community with contests, feedback challenges, features, interviews, and tutorials EVERY MONTH!

Happy March!

Here is what you can expect to see from us this month:

:bulletblue: Interviews with deviants who represent this category with beautiful artwork
:bulletblue: Features to showcase some of the category's best deviations
:bulletblue: Tutorials to help you create your own photography

March: Intro and Feedback Frenzy!Welcome to March at AnimalsPlantsNature!
Here is what you can expect to see from us this month:
Interviews with deviants who represent this category with beautiful artwork.
Features to showcase some of the category's best deviations.
Tutorials to help you create your own photography.Oh... And a Feedback Frenzy! More details on that below.We hope you're as excited for this as we are!
Participate in our Feedback Frenzy to Win Prizes!
We understand it can be difficult to get feedback on a website as large as DeviantArt! 
AnimalsPlantsNature group would like to help our nature photographers get some advice and so we're going to be offering this Feedback Frenzy event, now being shared with the awesome people over at PhotographyGuide too! And best news is... while the Feedback Frenzy offers real prizes, everyone receiving feedback is a winner :la:

Enter until March 24th!

Submission Guidelines

:bulletgreen: Deviants will be able to submit up to 3 pieces each week. Deviations will require 3 Yes votes to be accepted.

:bulletgreen: You may only submit photography that has been submitted to one of the APN photography categories. Deviations submitted to any other category except those listed below will be voted "No" by our gallery moderators:

Aquatic Life
Domesticated Animals
Flowers, Trees, & Plants
Reptiles & Amphibians
Weather and Sky
Wild Animals

:star: Not sure where to submit? Check out:

Where to Submit Your APN Photos!Greetings, everyone!
Anyone who has spent any amount of time browsing the Animals, Plants, & Nature (lovingly and commonly referred to as APN) photography category on DeviantArt knows there are quite a few subcategories of all different subjects! Some are very specific and some can easily overlap one another. You may even have a photo that fits in an APN subcategory but fits an entirely DIFFERENT photography category too! Remember, your photo may fit more than one category but you can only choose one! You have to decide what you think the best fit is based on the subject matter and your artistic intention.
This guide was created to hopefully shed some light on where you should be submitting your APN photographs (and therefore where you should be submitting to the AnimalsPlantsNature group!). Each subcategory below will include the name, commonly overlapping subcategories, the description for the gallery, and a couple examples. Let's dive in

:bulletgreen: Featured Folder: You may submit here but please be aware that we only accept the best quality work into this folder!

:bulletgreen: We have a corresponding gallery folder for each APN subcategory. Please submit your pieces to the same category you submitted to on DA! For example, a photograph submitted to the Waterscapes category should be submitted to our Waterscapes folder. We may vote "No" on your submission if it is not sorted correctly.

:bulletgreen: Quality standards: We are not going to be elitist about quality! Again, we understand the nature of the APN gallery and that it is a category with a frequently-wide range of skill levels. That being said, we may reject photographs that we feel have excessive issues such as heavy blurring or over emphasis on man-made objects in the photograph (outside of the Domesticated Animals category).

If your photo is rejected, you're welcome to ask us for a brief reason in the submission comments. :) Please respect the admin's decisions; however, if you disagree with the reasoning given, you are welcome to send us a note and JenFruzz will look into it.



Coming Soon!


APN Community Volunteer






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